Believe it or not, you don’t have to shell out big bucks on parking when you come and watch your beloved Billsies down on The Corner! This was a common complaint in our recent fan survey, so we went out and found you places to put your vehicle while you cheered and Labatted.

  1. UVA Outpaitient Clinic LotDirections
    Almost directly across from Trinity, and most spaces are free on weekends. (Do not park in the special permit spaces. The lot is across the road from the buildings, next to the new Enslaved Workers Memorial.)
  2. Wertland GarageDirections
    Sundays only. There is a trick here. Normally this is $3/hr…but…. if you park on the spaces that are reserved after 6 PM and don’t leave Trinity until 4:40 PM, it will be free. The attendant leaves at 4 but places collection envelopes on all the cars not in the 6 PM spaces. (Be sure to leave before 6 PM though.)
  3. Lot North of the Mad BowlDirections
    There is a small lot just above the Madison Bowl. It supposedly is free on weekends but fills quickly.
  4. Culbreth Road Garage – Directions 
    The Culbreth Road Garage, located in the Arts Grounds, is free on weekends!

We hope that helps and encourages more of you to join us

on Sundays.

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