The Bills won that one? How? They weren’t supposed to.

They were massive underdogs and had only scored 3 points the week before.

Denver’s D was supposed to be suffocating.

Well… I will let WGR’s Bulldog sum it up succinctly:

That was an impressive win for the Buffalo Bills. It will, at least for the time being, slow down most of the talk regarding what the Bills are likely to do next April in the draft and even in the 2018 season and beyond. For now, the 2017 Bills are making us hang out with this season for at least a couple of more weeks.

Sunday’s win over Denver makes the Bills 2-1 and likely has many fans thinking about a 3-2 record at the Week 6 bye. A very tough road game in Atlanta looms next week followed by a game against a not-too intimidating Cincinnati Bengals. A split of those two roadies gets you that 3-2 record prior to the week off. A pair of home games against Tampa Bay and Oakland follow the bye.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but I did not see that coming. I was pretty impressed with Denver last week as they dismantled Dallas. Limiting Ezekiel Elliott to only eight yards on nine carries was the biggest part of it for me.

Well Denver did a very good job of stopping what the Bills like to do best by holding LeSean McCoy in check. The Bills’ bell cow back managed only 21-yards on 14 attempts. Unlike last week though, the stalled running game didn’t doom the Bills on offense.

That is because Tyrod Taylor was extremely efficient against Denver. The passing numbers aren’t really much. 20 of 26 for 213 yards and a pair of touchdowns. It’s the kind of passing day that can cut both ways for Taylor. It was certainly enough to win the game somewhat comfortably for the Bills. But it was neither so impressive that it will serve to quiet his critics entirely.

None of that really matters today. All Taylor was charged with doing was enough to beat the Broncos and he cleared the bar. The modest numbers could hide a couple of really nice throws on the drive that saw the Bills take the lead for good. A 31-yard throw to Nick O’Leary that came with Taylor rolling to his left and dropping a perfect throw in to his tight end. Credit to O’Leary for a great catch too. Following a 7-yard run by McCoy, Taylor hit Jordan Mathews for 25-yards to set the Bills up at the Denver 6-yard line. The next play, again on the move, Taylor hits Charles Clay for the touchdown and a lead the Bills would never relinquish. That drive was fast, efficient and impressive, showcasing the skills set that can make Taylor such and intriguing player at times.

Some space should be reserved for the Bills defense here. We’re three games into the season and the defense has given up a total of two touchdowns. Now, of course, it would be correct to consider who they’ve accomplished all of that against. The Jets, despite a win this week over Miami, are a joke. Carolina and Cam Newton have yet to look like a contender and now it’s the Broncos.

Whatever. Two touchdowns total in three NFL games is impressive. The Bills defense has been good enough these first three weeks that I’m already thinking about what a strong performance in Atlanta against the Falcons next week could mean. That feels like, are you ready for it? Progress.

I’ll take it.