by BG Lewandowski

Ah… the air has turned crisp. Beer has been doused with cinnamon, nutmeg, and other ruinous crud. O.J. is getting out of jail next week. The Bills are leading the division!

Yep, it’s early Autumn and all is well.

We know what’s coming though.

In a few weeks, we as typical fans of our Bison-emblazoned turf team, will sit down to the regular newspaper headlines of  late November:

“Buffalo Bills: Enough of being in the hunt”

“Bills wilt in colossal fashion, lose 28-25 to Dolphins”

“2 identified, 1 charged in Buffalo Bills tailgating ‘exposure incident'”

Sigh…. but let’s rejoice for now, shall we?

The Bills are leading the division!

The defense has looked solid in three straight games. In fairness, Jake McClown, Nicked-Up Newton, and that QB who’s name always gets spell-check corrected to Semen, didn’t offer much of a challenge.

This Sunday we get a real QB to play against to see how the Bills D stacks up… Matty Ice! Mr. Ryan has shown no real drop-off from his MVP season of last… and no ill effects from the Super Bowl (in which through cheating, the Patriots had the greatest “comeback” win of all time… blah, blah, blah.).

His numbers so far:

2017 64 93 867 68.8 9.32 4 88 3 0 69.7 99.2

(Yes, Matty did chuck three interceptions last week to the Detroiters, but he’s a big bounce-back guy like Brady. (Speaking of Tom Turdriffic, guess who won’t be buying Beats headphones now to wear during my pre-game routine? You so disappointed me Dre.))

Add in his tremendous receivers and a monster backfield, and this is going to be quite the challenge for the defense…at least compared to our previous three games.

But guess what?

Ryan is my starting Fantasy Football QB…

…and I benched him this week in favor of my back-up.

Yes. I think the Bills will continue to do what they have done thus far and stiffle an offense…. even one with an MVP QB.

Excuse me while I smile and take a sip of my non-faux-pumpkin beer (No sugar on the rim of my glass either. Hell, there’s no glass. I’m crushing it right from the can!). Our defense… our defense!! It’s really good, again.

REALITY CHECK TIME (and I am done with my real man beer)!

Our offense? Meh, it’s hard to tell. It’s looked rather pedestrian most of the time but last week…. it was kinda good, don’tcha think?

So which one will show up?

The Billsies season-to-date rankings in points per game (16.7, No. 25 in the NFL) and yards per game (285.3, No. 26) are not inspiring.

Although last week, the passing game appeared (Tyrod tossed a ball downfield…and someone caught it…a few times).

Although last week, LeSean McCoy didn’t appear much (maybe he was protest stretching through the whole game?).

See what I mean?

And by golly, Atlanta has a great defense.

Although last week, they gave up lots of yards and points to the Lions.

It’s all so confuzzling. Some may call it parity…but we Bills’ fans know the history here (and the history of our early season joy.).

According to ESPN, Atlanta has won the past four games in the series, including a 34-31 squeaker in the most recent matchup against the Bills in 2013. The Bills are looking for their first win over the Falcons since Nov. 12, 1995.


Okay. I give up. I have no idea who is going to win. I have a hunch it might not be the Bills but I am going to stay optimistic here, lest “the gales of November come early.”

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