The Patriots are reeling… their defense shows up but their offense stinks. If the Bucs had Hauschka, the Pats would be 2-3. That Bahstun team isn’t right.

The Bills, however, seem to have everything falling into place. Solid defense and a steady offense are keeping the boys ahead of their AFC East counterparts.

The Bengals of Cincinnati are the next opponent. Even though they looked dominationg in a win over the Browns last week, I just dont’t think this the same Bengals team of old. The D isn’t as fearsome and (new Offensice Coordinator or not) Andy Dalton is starting to look more like Ron Howard than Ed Sheeran….. Sweet Jesus, do you really think that Redheads won’t exist one day? I mean, completely gone? Where are the Ginger Nationalists and their tiki torches? They have a right to be pissed…

Ooops. I digress. But I think it was on purpose. I am a Bills fan from birth. We know what all the signs above mean to us…and I don’t want to write those two evil words that we all know are creeping around in our minds like an ingrown hair that is about to become a boil.


This is the week where false hope dies. It always does. It’s the Bills.

We got rid of our best receivers and now our new bestest receivers are hurt. Micah Hyde is gimpy….


Then we have a bye week where we will all say “Hey, we didn’t expect them to be 3-2 at this point. They got a week to rest. They will come back refreshed and keep on fighting the good fight.”

Okay… I realize no one ever says “fighting the good fight” anymore but my coffee is working slowly this morning and the colorful descriptive phrases of delight aren’t flowing yet.

Anyway, we will all say that…and then the Bills will lose 5 of 6. Honest. We know it. We do this all the time.


But maybe…maybe just this time…maybe this year…. it will be different. Am I trying to convince myself? Doesn’t something feel a bit weird this year? Like we could actually hit the first Pats game with an 8-3 record?

Then we lose the last 5, of course.

And the Pats win their last 10.

Seriously… TRAP GAME!!!! aside, the Bills should prevail on Sunday. They have shown me just enough to make me a Bill-eiver… at least for one more week. The offense will stay, slow and steady and the defense will keep Dalton nervous.

Bills 19 Bengals 10.

Here’s what others say (and they seem to see TRAP GAME!!! too! Yikes! I shan’t be swayed though.):

Mike Rodak of ESPN

The Bills might be 3-1 and playing the 1-3 Bengals, but Vegas seems to like Cincinnati in this game. Buffalo is at least a three-point underdog on the road, suggesting this could be a trap game for the Bills after big wins over Denver and Atlanta. The Bills’ offense — which has gone three-and-out on 48 percent of drives this season, second-most in the NFL — will be playing shorthanded at wide receiver because of a thumb injury to No. 1 wideout Jordan Matthews. Tyrod Taylor has excelled in passing to Charles Clay and LeSean McCoy this season, but the Bengals boast the NFL’s lowest yards per catch (6.49) by opposing tight ends and running backs.

Bengals 13, Bills 9

Jay Morrison of the Dayton Daily News

The Bills aren’t as good as their record, and the Bengals aren’t as bad as theirs.

Bengals 16, Bills 13

Sam Farmer of the LA Times

The Bills are on a roll and look legitimate. They’re on the road, though, and facing a Bengals team that seems to have a second wind (or a first one) with a new offensive coordinator.

Bengals 24, Bills 20

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