bingo...errr... trivia

Here are the questions and answers to our Wekk 5 Trivia. We play every halftime so be sure to join in on the fun, with your host Mr. Matt.


1.  As of this morning, which team is leading the AFC east?

A:  Buffalo Bills

2. What is the name of the current stadium where the Buffalo Bills play?

A.  New Era Field

3. What year did the Maid of the Mist first open?
A. 1926
B. 1846
C. 1899

A:  B. 1846

4. Who was the first Bills player to be inducted to the Football Hall of Fame?

A:  O.J. Simpson

5. Who is the single season passing leader with 4,359 yards?

A. Jim Kelly
B. Drew Bledsoe
C. Ryan Fitzpatrick
D. Joe Ferguson

A:  B. Drew Bledsoe

6. Which QB led the bills to the biggest comeback in NFL history on Jan 3, 1993?

A. Frank Reich

Tiebreaker: (Price is Right rules – closest without going over)

How many yards did Jim Kelly throw for in his career?

A. 35,467

Winner: Aiden & Evan

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