Tampa Bay

How was your Bye Week? Did you do nice things? I tried Hot Yoga. It lasted 4 minutes as I nearly passed out from the heat and also farted 4 times during my first Downward Dog.

I also was at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse to watch the Orange upset #2 Clemson. I farted there too.

None of those things are relevant.

You know what is relevant?

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Yep, our favorite bearded-one of days-gone-bye and late-game interceptions past could be manning the pirate ship for Tampa Bay this weekend, depending on how Jameis WInston feels after his bump on the turf last weekend.

What will happen next? The Bills have lost the last two to Fitzpatrick but won two before that. So we have to throw out the Revenge Game scenario.

Not relevant.

The Bucs haven’t shown much this season but did hang tough with the Pats (in fact 3 missed field goals had them shank the upset). And last week they did score over 30 points…but were also down by more than 30 points.

Also, not relevant.

The Buffalonians are 7-7 after the Bye Week.

I guess… that too not so relevant.

But I do feel a bit gassy…and then there is this link.

Let’s throw in the rest for the Bills and the homefield advantage and make that 8-7.

Bills 27 Buccaneers 13

Here’s what others say :

David Steele of The Sporting News

More quarterback doubts, as Jameis Winston’s status was unclear after his shoulder injury Sunday. The Bills come off of a bye still in position to make noise in the AFC East, but their lack of receiving help for Tyrod Taylor is finally catching up to them. The Bucs are unpredictable with Winston at full strength, so they’re a crapshoot without him.

Bills, 24-19

Chris SImms of Bleacher Report

As we saw last week, byes can be scary. Just because the Buffalo Bills are coming off theirs, it doesn’t mean they’re going to be better. In fact, when I was playing, I usually found we weren’t as sharp after the bye as we would have been otherwise.

I don’t think the Bills are the type of team to rest on their laurels, though. Even at 3-2, Buffalo knows it has work to do if the playoffs are going to be in the future. For a team that relies on sound defense, a strong running game and a few plays from Tyrod Taylor, this is the right attitude to have. It wants a physical, hard-fought game.

The Buccaneers are in a more desperate situation. They’ve lost two games in a row and are sitting in last place in the NFC South.

This isn’t a great matchup for the Buccaneers with Jameis Winston injured. The Bills don’t have the most potent of offenses, but the Tampa defense isn’t exactly terrific. If Winston cannot go or is less than 100 percent, the Buccaneers will struggle against a defense that forces you to execute flawlessly. The Bills offense should be able to produce enough points against that Bucs defense to win.

Bills 23, Buccaneers 16

Greg Cote of The Miami Herald

Ryan Fitzpatrick on call because Jameis Winston will play with sprained shoulder if he plays at all. Another reason to like Buffs in a defensive scrum.

Bills 21, Buccaneers 17 

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