You can skip to the fun video if you want because…

I have no idea what will happen this week but we have a new starting QB. I don’t know a thing about him except that he scored 76 points against Syracuse last year…but I am not relying on anything ‘Cuse anymore.

Instead, here’s a song about him though… Peterman Can!

Bills 27, Chargers 24

Here’s what others think:

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports:

The Bills have been bad the past two weeks and now face a long trip to play the Chargers. That’s always a challenge. The Chargers continue to lose close games, but they have a dynamic pass rush, which will create problems for the Bills up front. Look for the Chargers to win and this one won’t be close.

Chargers 28, Bills 16

Chris Simms of SB Nation:

The Buffalo Bills are making a quarterback change from Tyrod Taylor to Nathan Peterman. That’s interesting, but I don’t know that it’ll make the offense better. Against this Los Angeles Chargers pass rush, this might not be the best week to make such a change.

The L.A. defense has made a tangible turn for the better over the last few weeks. The run defense has improved, and the players seem to have a better understanding of the schemes overall.

The Bills are struggling. They aren’t the most talented team, and we’ve known that for a while. They’ve been competitive because they’ve played sound football and haven’t beaten themselves. At some point, though, you can’t play to not lose. You actually have to go out and beat people, and I’m not sure Buffalo is capable of doing that.

Philip Rivers will be able to expose Buffalo’s zone defense, and the Chargers will slow down both Peterman and Buffalo’s run game enough to win a cross-country matchup at home.

Chargers 28, Bills 17

Elliot Harrison of

Can the Bills recover from getting marched on repeatedly by the Saints? Not just the defense, either. While that unit has fed off turnovers this season, Buffalo’s offense might as well have just given the ball away to New Orleans. Besides failing to break the Mendoza Line in total yards, the Bills punted six times, and handed the ball over on downs on another occasion. That’s how you lose the time of possession battle by 23 minutes. This Chargers front has morphed into a bunch of run-sucking bandits — as in, the Bolts made the Jaguars’ ground game suck bad. That means Tyrod Taylor … scratch that: Nate Peterman … will have to go out and win the game. Good luck, rook.

(Not) Fun fact: The Bills have allowed 164.3 rushing yards per game without Marcell Dareus this season, as opposed to 79.2 with him. Blame @RealJackAndrade for that research, Bills Mafia. That note was his idea.

Chargers 23, Bills 16

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