bingo...errr... trivia

Here are the questions and answers to our Wekk 11 Trivia. We play every halftime so be sure to join in on the fun, with your host Mr. Matt.


1. Bills Kicker Steven Houshka and Chargers QB Philip Rivers both went to the same university about 4 hours away. In what city is their university?

A: Raleigh

2. NOT COUNTING TODAY, how many wins do the NY Giants have this season?

A: 1

3. The Buffalo Braves played 8 seasons in the NBA from 1970 until 1978. They then relocated to San Diego, changed mascots, and then eventually to another west coast city in 1984 becoming what current NBA team?

A: LA Clippers

4. J. Peterman is a real company that is famously parodied by Seinfeld. True or False, the following advertisement was included in an actual J. Peterman catalog to sell real clothes: “When a man puts on this authentic French farmer’s shirt he may very well find that his hands look bigger….Is that woman over there giving him the eye and nodding toward the haystack? Yes, and he knows what to do.”

A: True

5. What university did Nathan Peterman attend prior to Pitt?

A. Tennessee

6. Multiple Choice: The Butterball Turkey Talk Hotline answers how many calls each season?

A. 20,000 calls
B. 1,000,000 calls
C. 100,000 calls

A. C, 100k

Tiebreaker: According to the US Census, there are 4 places in the country named Turkey. How many places and/or townships are named Cranberry?

A. 7
Winner: Brad and Caitlin over Bob in the tie breaker.

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