Little Andy

Here are the questions and answers to our Wekk 11 Trivia. We play every halftime so be sure to join in on the fun, with your host Mr. Matt.


1. Who was Alex Smith’s college coach?

A: Urban Meyer

2. Who was Sean McDermott a coach for prior to the Bills?

A: Panthers

3. True or false, the Buffalo is a native species of North America?

A: False, the animal we think of in America is actual Bison. Buffalo are native to asia and Africa.

4. Which famous author has a dedicated room on display at UVA?

A: Poe

5. In what year did the Bills change to the current logo?

A. 1974
B. 1987
C. 1996
D: 1974

A. 1974

6. What is the name of the skills competition offered by the NFL for children aged 6 to 15 that a giant, child version of Andy Reid famously participated in?

A: Punt Pass and Kick

Winner: The Crozet Crew

Crozet Crew

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