Bills vs. Pats

Ahhh! The feel of it. The growing impulse to yell. The moment when you raise your hands in triumph.

Nope. It’s not when you finally get to see Matt Lauer taken down… (Man, did I hate that guy…. probably more than Garrison Keilor… jezus man…you looked better with hair…now you are bald….and unemployed…Next week I leak info on how Rand Paul REALLY got his ribs broken by his neighbor (“Who’s a cowboy now?”)…but I digress)

It’s the feel of the first time playing the Patriots in a season.

The excitement. The anticipation. That knowing that this is the year when we finally beat those Chowdah-heads in a meaningful game.

The sadness that sets in on Monday…

The Bills have only beaten The Tom Brady twice at home in the last elevnty-eleven years…and on both of the days the temperaturature was above 60 degrees. Obviously a devious cheating scheme of Bellychunk’s that went awry.

The Tom Brady never loses when The Gronk is healthy. The Tom Brady is aging like a fine cheese. The Gronk…well, he is The Gronkiest.

The Pats are playing perfect football…and even Benedict Gilmore isn’t getting beat on the “bump and run away” much.

Signs ahead post for an ominous finish for the Bills against The Tom Brady.

So what the hell, I’m gonna pick them to win.

Bills 27, Pats 16

Here’s what others think:

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports:

The Bills were impressive in winning at Kansas City, but their defense isn’t good enough to beat New England – even at home. Look for a monster game from Tom Brady as the Pats continue to dominate the division.

Pats 34, Bills 17

Chris Simms of SB Nation:

This is a horrible matchup for the Buffalo Bills. They don’t do a lot creatively on offense, and the running game hasn’t been great as of late. Now, against a team like the New England Patriots—who are better at breaking down film than anyone—Buffalo is likely to add some new wrinkles to the offense. Still, the Bills aren’t going to carve up New England’s defense.

The Patriots defense is playing great right now. It’s shutting down opposing offenses and has allowed just 13.14 points per contest over the last seven games. People have to get over what they saw at the beginning of the year because this is a totally different defense.

I like the Bills defense, and Buffalo is well-coached by Sean McDermott and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. However, it isn’t the most talented group in the game, and it lacks the cover corners necessary to play a lot of man-to-man coverage. You have to sprinkle in at least a little man defense against the Patriots because Tom Brady will dissect the zone over the course of four quarters.

The Bills always fight hard against the Patriots, but fight isn’t going to be enough.

Pats 34, Bills 20

Elliot Harrison of

No, I’m not picking a blowout in this AFC East tussle. The Bills’ defense will show up Sunday. Forcing Tom Brady to make mistakes will be problematic, however, as the 40-year-old quarterback’s season is evolving into one of the best campaigns in an all-time great catalogue. Brady has thrown a scant three interceptions in 408 attempts. That is an unbelievably low interception percentage of 0.7, putting him on pace to lead the NFL in that category for a third straight year. By the way, Brady’s passer rating when targeting Rob Gronkowski this season is 124.9. That’s the top mark among pass catchers with 70-plus targets in 2017.

Pats 26, Bills 22

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