No horsing around here, the Bills have to win this game.

See what I did there? Horse? Colts? Ahhh…

I was actually thinking of doing a poem about Jacoby Brissett.

Unfortunately, nothing rhymes with Brissett.

Too bad Andrew Luck isn’t playing…

Bills 21, Colts 13

Here’s what others think:

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports:

This is a game between two teams going nowhere. The Colts are playing consecutive road games, but the Bills might start Nathan Peterman at quarterback for the injured Tyrod Taylor. Even so, I think the Bills will find a way to win a close one.

Bills 28, Colts 23

Chris Simms of SB Nation:

The Indianapolis Colts actually match up pretty well with the Buffalo Bills. The Colts’ biggest weakness is their pass defense, and the Bills don’t necessarily have the offense to expose that. Indianapolis also has the size up front to slow down the run.

Running the ball is what Buffalo wants to do on offense.

On the other side, Jacoby Brissett is capable of making some big plays in the passing game. However, this is a good Buffalo defense. The Bills play a zone scheme that works well against a passing game like Indianapolis’. The Bills keep things in front of them and force opposing offenses to execute in increments all the way down the field.

Buffalo hasn’t been great against the run, but running the ball isn’t exactly a strength for the Colts. The Bills secondary will be able to limit big plays, while guys like Jerry Hughes and Kyle Williams will make life tough on Brissett.

Expect the Bills to escape with a win and keep their playoff hopes alive.

Bills27, Colts 23

Elliot Harrison of

The Colts could steal a road win here, with Bills QB Tyrod Taylor ailing, but I’m putting faith in the Buffalo defense to generate a couple of turnovers, something it’s been able to do in each of the team’s wins this season. It was, in fact, on a Bills takeaway that Rob Gronkowski went all Goonkowski in Pats-Bills last Sunday. Here’s a hot sports opinion, fresh out of the oven: Nathan Peterman, if he plays, will rebound from his monstrous performance against the Chargers. There are no Melvin Ingrams or Joey Bosas in Indy’s lineup, just Jabaal Sheards and John Simons. Slight difference there. This should amount to a Frank Gore game, as Buffalo’s run defense has been terrible for weeks (176.8 rushing yards allowed per game over the last five games). Let’s hope the Bills stay in this playoff race, as I can’t stand to hear about them having the longest postseason drought in all major sports even one more time. That means hearing it from you, too, @RealJackAndrade.

Bills 22, Colts 14

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