Playing the Fins again and it was so easy last week to do ANNAGRAMS for the Pats game, that I am gonna slack-off and do it this week for this playoff potentional posting about these poisonous porpoises (Illiteration is next if we make it to the Second Season,):

      • Jay Cutler = Cleat Jury.
      • Kiko Alonso = Ask Loo Oink.
      • Ndamukong Suh = Sum Hunk Gonad
      • Kenyan Drake = Re: Naked Yank
      • Mike Pouncey = Nice emu, Poky!
      • Ryan Tannehill = Anally Thinner
      • Andre Branch = Darn Herb can.
      • MarQueis Gray = A squirmy rage.
      • Reshad Jones = Red’s Ho Jeans
      • Anthony Fasano = Oooh! Satan Fanny!

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