To the playoffs

Oy vey! Make or break time. This is the one. The Bills have to win to have a chance of finally getting to the playoffs.

We aren’t gonna talk drought here. They should win. McDermott will have them ready. He has always won the games they need.

We aren’t gonna talk scenarios here. Other teams have to lose.


Bills 24, Dolphins 3

And? Playoffs? I think the Jaguars will show up. DO the other items align? Leess than a 50% chance. See you in the Fall.

Here’s what others think:

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports:

The Bills still have a chance to make the playoffs, so they will be playing hard here. The Dolphins are playing for pride. I think the added pressure will get to the Bills. The loose Dolphins pull off the upset as the Bills are playing consecutive road games.

Dolphins 20, Bills 17

Chris Simms of SB Nation:

The Bills need a win in order to get into the postseason. Unfortunately, they have to head to South Beach in order to get it. That’s not an easy thing to do this late in the year.

Just as the Bills have a big home-field advantage during the cold depths of winter, the Miami Dolphins get an advantage by forcing teams to come play in the heat and humidity. That could take a toll on a Bills team that has played in the Northeast in the past four weeks.

I like what I’ve been seeing from Miami’s defense lately too. It did a good job against the Kansas City Chiefs for most of last week, though the final score made the game look worse for the Dolphins than it really was. I believe Miami will be able to shut down LeSean McCoy and Tyrod Taylor enough to play spoiler this week.

Expect to see one more good game from Jay Cutler in Miami, and expect to see a Buffalo loss open the door for the Chargers in the postseason.

Dolphins 24, Bills 21

Elliot Harrison of

Buffalo could be the worst team to make the playoffs this year. If we’re talking Jolly Ranchers, the Bills would be grape. That said, I sure hope they make it. Haven’t their fans been through enough? Trent Edwards leading the league in passing in September, building hope … only to be crushed by Stevie Johnson drops. And take your pick of the Drew Bledsoe 2003-04 catalogue. Or Leodis McKelvin giving the Patriots a free W on a kick-return fumble. Or Petermangate. The Dolphins manage to play one good game a month, so they might be due. Nah, too soon. They’ll blow somebody out in the opener next year on their way to a high-flying 2-3 start. If the Bills lose, or the Chargers win, then Buffalo will set a new NFL record for most consecutive seasons since the 1970 merger without making the playoffs. The Saints are currently tied with them, having also missed the postseason 17 years in a row. That’s misleading, though, as New Orleans actually went 20 years with no chance of making the Super Bowl — an inglorious streak that traveled from 1967 to 1986 (yep, an additional three empty seasons before the merger). You know who ended that run? Can you say … PLAYOFFS?!

Bills 22, Dolphins 20

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