Here are some useless facts for the game with Texas Texans…ahem..Houston:

    • The mascot of the Houston Texans is Toro, and their team fight song is “Bulls on Parade.” Oddly, this is also the same song Ted Cruz uses when he performs as his Drag queen persona, Maple St. Lee.
    • The “J.J.” part of J.J. Watt stands for “Jumbo Jujubies.”
    • Reliant Stadium is named for a company that manufactures erectile disfunction pills.
    • The team was almost named the Houston Streets, just to piss off New Yorkers and people who know how to pronounce things.
    • Sam Houston, arguably the most famous Texan, was actually born in Virginia. Houston served as governor of Tennessee before coming to Texas. Brock Osweiller, however, was just a mistake.


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