We played trivia this past week!!!!

1. Matt Barkley and Sam Darnold both attended the same university? Name that school.


2. True or False? The last left-handed player to throw a pass in the NFL was Dez Bryant?

A:  True. There are zero left-handed QBs in the league.

3. Out of the 26 games played, how many wins do the three New York teams have combined?

A. 11
B. 6
C. 15

A:  B. 6, Jets have 3, Bills have 2, and Giants have 1

4.  Hold over from last week. Proving that Chicago sucks, what piece of household equipment was invented in Chicago? The answer was given on the site.

A: vacuum cleaner.

5. Vegas has put out a line for Bills vs. Alabama on a neutral field. How much are the Bills favored to beat Bama by?

A. 17.5
B. 40.5
C. 28.5

Answer. C. 28.5. To put into perspective, Alabama was favored to beat Tennessee this year by 29.

6. It came out this week that the Raiders used to give JaMarcus Russell video tapes to study blitz packages before games. He would come back and tell the team that he had fully studied the packages. What was on these tapes?

A. Nothing. They were blank tapes.

Tiebreaker:  The Bills set a franchise record for number of penalty yards against the Bears this year. How many yards did they have called against them?

A. 163

WINNER(S): T.A. and Roger

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