We snoozed for a bit but trivia happened again on Sunday!

1. Ryan Tannehill played at what college?
A: Texas A&M

2. True or False? Tannehill was named all Big-12 as a wide receiver in college
A: True.

3. Jack Kemp was the pick for VP for what unsuccessful presidential candidate?
A: Bob Dole

4. The Bills have the best defense in the league in what category? Options, Rushing Def, Passing Def, or Special Teams
A: Passing Defense

5. True or False: Both OJ and Cookie Gilchrist played short stints for the Miami Dolphins?
A: False, only Cookie played a year

6. What company is the official hat sponsor of the Bills?
A. New Era

Tiebreaker: If alive today, Cookie Gilchrist would have been how old?
A. 83


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