It looks like that the NFL’s Game Pass is free for two more days…but after that, you can use these coupon codes to get it discounted for the season! This means you can watch full Bills games and see highlights and more… from wherever you are. We are not sure if the games will be delayed until finish or on a delay of a day…but hey, in these “trying time” it’s something, right? (You can hide the score with a toggle at the top of webpage.)

Regular cost is $99 for the season. (But like I said, there are a ton of coupon/promo codes to be found.)

Note: You can not get Sunday Ticket in our area as a streaming service because DirecTV is available all around us. However: you can use a VPN service to change your IP address to a non-coverage area and sign-up that way… using a few different sites. Here’s how.

In case you do go the Game Pass route, this button will appear on every game post of ours too so you can check in on the action, if you are a subscriber.

Don’t forget that we also have a survey about how you’d like to view games for this upcoming 2020 CBBB season. Give us your responses by following the button below.