Charlottesville Buffalo Bills Backers at Trinity

No Trinity Time This Year…But…

We just learned that Trinity will be closed on Sundays this Fall, and though we have been looking for safe alternative (ALT-SITE) locations, it has been a bit of a challenge, especially since we do not anticipate significant attendance. Plus, we require sticky floors.

There have been a few ideas floating around (and we are very open to more ideas), which range from assembling as usual, to completely avoiding gatherings all together, standing awkwardly against the wall and whistling, and even having multiple smaller gatherings. We have also discussed building our own Sweat Lodge and Grill (TM).

One thing that seems clear is that our band of backers will certainly be spread out this season. That all said, one thought that has continued to resonate with us, is the idea of creating some sort of weekly virtual assembly, which will allow us to all come together, regardless of our respective locations; train horn included.

So… we are looking into setting up a paid Google Suite Account, which will provide us with long video meetings, and the ability for well over a couple hundred attendees.

In an attempt to see if this will work, we’d like to host a test run this weekend (Saturday or Sunday evening – TBD) by having a CBBB Town Hall. Primarily we want to see if this will “work” but also want to provide an opportunity for a discussion on other ideas and overall concerns.

Please keep an eye out for e-mails, and posts on our page for invitations, meeting links and any other relevant details. Thank you all for your patience.

And seriously, suggestions for where to meet are very welcome.