Ugh. Quick turn-around for the Bills and it’s a Thursday night game.

Trinity is a great spot to watch the game still but around half-time the music takes priority and the students arrive en masse. The joy of weeknight football…

We won’t have our usual set-up or specials and trivia will have to wait a week.

Three different options of where to watch this week are listed below.

Come down and enjoy anyway as the Bills look to close-out the first half of the season on a winning note.

Here are those options for you.
1 – Trinity Irish Pub: Though the place will fill up later in the game, Trinity has confirmed that they will play the game upstairs for anyone who shows up to watch the game.
2 – Beer Run (Belmont): Per Brian G (and his awesome Bills Bowling shirt), Beer Run has confirmed that they will show the game in their back room.
3 – Lazy Parrot Backyard (Pantops): I am told that they will have the game on as well.  And you may even see some old CBBB friends there, who have not been to Trinity since we moved.  Be sure to shame them! 🙂

(If you are meeting elesewhere to watch, please let others know in the comments section below!)

Time: 8:00 PM (Game at 8:25 PM)