Cookie, The Good Luck Gnome was very wrong last week. See who he is picking in this week’s game against the Packers… (Cookie’s record: 1-1)

And that is the way the cookie crumbles????

Packers 24, Bills 23

Here’s what others think:

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports:

The Bills are playing consecutive road games outside the division. That’s brutal for a young team. They played well last week, but the Packers are coming off a loss. I think that combination will make it tough on the young Bills. Packers take it big.

Vikings 31, Bills 17

Ryann Wilson of CBS Sports:

Is there a chance the Bills can turn this thing around? A week ago, there’s no way they’re going into Lambeau and doing anything other than taking a beating. Now, after what they perpetrated against the Vikings, maybe there’s a method to coach Sean McDermott’s madness. Then again again, maybe the Bills just got the Vikes on a bad day. There’s also the matter of a suspect offensive line and the lack of playmakers around rookie quarterback Josh Allen. But the Packers are coming off an uninspiring loss to the Redskins, and apparently the officials have been instructed to flag Clay Matthews every time he makes a tackle, so that’s clearly a disadvantage as well. Still, Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers, even with the bum knee and here’s a fun fact: Since 1997, these two teams have played six times. The Bills won all three games in Buffalo; the Packers won all three games in Green Bay.

Packers 21, Bills 18

David Steel of Sporting News:

If the Packers keep struggling to stop opposing offenses as much as they have so far, and have to keep relying on one-legged Aaron Rodgers to counter that, they might have to seriously look into sitting him for a few weeks. Unless, as some reports have said, his knee won’t actually get better with rest. If so, they’re in deep trouble. Maybe not this week against the Bills, whose dominating performance in Minnesota truly came out of nowhere. But this smells like a long season in Green Bay.

Packers 38, Bills 13

Patrick Webb (Head Honcho, CBBB):

(Patrick’s record this season: 0-3)

Packers 34, Bills 12


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