September 27, 2017

Met with Brian and Matt last night and we have some great ideas to start building momentum.  I’ll try and get some time to write up an overview.

For now though I wanted to update you on the T-Shirts and a long-shot big idea we are working on.


Since turn around could be 3-4 weeks, and because by soon after that time, the Bills may be in mid-season form (read as “probably sucking”), I felt it prudent to begin the process of getting quotes and mock ups.   I met with Hi Peak today and received quotes.  I also provided them my own, very poor, mock up for their design team to use as a sort of spring board.   I’m by no means marries to my own work (though I kind of like the simplicity of it), but I would love to hear your feedback.

Mock up attached for your input and ridicule 🙂

That all said, they are going to start working on ideas so hopefully we’ll have plenty to look at and tweak, etc…


Ok… so THIS is a huge long shot.  GGD will be playing on the UVA lawn Friday night 10/6.  On the off chance that they are kinda just hanging around the Cville area that weekend, I want to get them to hang out with the CBBB.  I’ve tweeted them, and have already tasked a couple of DJ’s from 106.1 The Corner to contact mutual contacts to extend the invitation. So with any luck we may make contact.  If any news develops, we’ll be sure to let the group know!


Matt and Brian have agreed to run a regular half-time Buffalo Trivia contest beginning this week.  Fun way to wait out half time, and winner gets a Wegmans gift card!

That’s it for now.  Hope to see you all on Sunday!


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