December 19, 2017


Dear Loyal Charlottesville Bills Backers!

As the Silly Season kicks into high gear and the year draws to a close, I wanted to make sure to provide an update on the CBBB’s plans for the rest of the season, and (God willing) the playoff(s).   Before I do so however; please allow me to express once again, my profound gratitude to you all for supporting this “little engine that could” of a group.  From humble beginnings 10 years ago, to the rock-solid and stead-fast faction of the Bills Mafia that we have become, it truly has been a fun ride.  Thank you for spending your Sunday’s with us.

I would like to recognize the immense efforts this year on the part of Brian Gerard and Matt Toper.  Brian has been our defacto MC, Game-day DJ, Webmaster and all around Social Media Czar.  We’d be sunk without you!  Matt stepped in as a new-comer to C-Ville and the CBBB and jumped feet first into developing and running Half-Time trivia.  An idea that has been bandied about for 9 years, and which has now become a staple of the CBBB experience – Thank you Matt!   Thanks to both of you for bringing so much to this group.  I often worry that you’ll both realize that perhaps you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, but until that day… keep up the great work!  I would also like to thank Kelly and Mike Riley for all of their efforts with designing, and tracking/managing the orders for our 2017 T-Shirts.   This was no small task and if left up to just me, I am certain that we’d still be waiting for it to all come together.  Finally – I again want to thank Kevin from Trinity.  Thanks for hosting us, supporting us, and for your willingness to make menu changes just for us.  I am now averaging 2 Beef on Weck per game!

Okay.. Moving on!  BILLieve it or not >>Read the rest of the email here!

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