October 31, 2017

Hello Gang!

WOW! 5-2 is feeling really good and the Bills are looking like this may just be the year to end the drought!

Since we won’t be running an “organized” gathering for Thursday night’s game, I wanted to send out a quick note to share some viewing options. As you’re probably aware;Trinity (our home base bar) is a full-fledged college bar, and gets very busy on Thursday nights. This makes organizing our regular club viewing, very difficult.

We tried to pull it off a couple seasons ago, and by the end of the 3rd quarter, we were over run by undergrads once the DJ started. Hopefully we will be able to put together a more cohesive alternative plan for next year’s Thursday night game. Unfortunately, this year we’ll need to employ an “every fan for themselves” approach.

Here are some options for you.

1 – Trinity Irish Pub: Though the place will fill up later in the game, Trinity has confirmed that they will play the game upstairs for anyone who shows up to watch the game.

2 – Beer Run (Belmont): Per Brian G (and his awesome Bills Bowling shirt), Beer Run has confirmed that they will show the game in their back room.

3 – Lazy Parrot Backyard (Pantops): I am told that they will have the game on as well. And you may even see some old CBBB friends there, who have not been to Trinity since we moved. Be sure to shame them! 🙂

After sending this e-mail, I will be posting on our group’s facebook page a “Where are you watching Thursday’s game?” discussion. Hopefully this will help everyone to find a place that works best for you, and will ensure some comradeship as well.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support of the club. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season goes, and I further look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback on the new wings recipe when we launch it next Sunday!

Special Thanks to Scott (former owner of The Rockpile Bar near New Era Field and now one of our newest CBBB Members) for working with Trinity to add even more Buffalo flavor to our Sunday menu.

Have a great rest of your week and GO BILLS!


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