September 29, 2017

Good Morning Bills Fans!

It looks like we should be able to purchase both Women’s and Men’s shirts without adversely impacting our cost. To provide a sense of size, I will have sample shirts at Trinity on Sunday:

  • Women’s Medium
  • Men’s Medium


If you have already filled out the form please see me on Sunday, so we can update your shirt request. If you can’t make it on Sunday, and need to update your preferences, please contact me here.

Shirts will run between $18-24 (depending on size), and we will need to collect money ahead of time to insure we can cover the cost of production. If you are able to pre-pay this week, that would be greatly appreciated. We will be accepting cash or check only at this time. If you are not in town, and need to arrange payment, please also contact me here.

We will be getting away from the 3/4 softball jersey this time around. We have a couple working ideas from myself and Kelly R. which we are using as sort of “rough drafts” – I will print them up and have them available to show on Sunday.

Thank you all for your support! See you on Sunday!


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