Final answers for 9/30/18:

1. Where did Aaron Rodgers play college football? If you answer Butte Community College, I’ll know you’re looking this up on your phone.
A: Cal

2. The Bills have outscored their opponents 41-9 since what milestone event?
A: Vontae Davis’ retirement at halftime of the Chargers game.

3. True or False: Three other franchises (Other than the Bills, 4 total) have lost the Super Bowl 4 times. True or False, the Patriots are one of these franchises?
A: True. The other two are Denver and Minnesota.

4. Who is the original writer and performer of Shout?
A: The Isley Brothers

5. has the Bills as #30 in their power rankings, leaving 2 teams ranked worse. Name one of these two teams.
A: Oakland Raiders or Arizona Cardinals

6. In August 2017, Bleacher Report included three Bills running backs in their list of all-time greats; Thurman Thomas, OJ, and who?
A: Shady

Tiebreaker: How many career rushing yards does Thurman Thomas have?
A: 11,938 yards

This week’s winner: Faux Phil Pfeiffer.