Final answers for 9/8/18:

1. Where did Joe Flacco play college football?
A: Delaware

2. True or False: In 1974 the Sabres drafted a fake player, Taro Tsujimoto, from the Tokyo Katanas of the Japanese Hockey League?
A: True, GM at the time was fed up with the draft systems and wanted to protest it.

3 and 4. Name two of the Bills captains
A: Patrick DiMarco, LeSean McCoy, Kyle Williams, Lorenzo Alexander, Stephen Hauschka, Taiwan Jones.

5. What college did Josh Allen attend?
A: Wyoming

6. Name the capital of the state in which Josh Allen attended.
A. Cheyenne

Tiebreaker: There have been 489 men in the history of the NFL who have been a head coach at least one game. Out of the 489, how many have been former Buffalo Bills players?
A. Frank Reich became number 5. Only 5.


This week’s winner: Ummm…Matt forgot.