Final answers for 10/21/18:

Holy poodle noodles! We did trivia this past week!

1. Where did Andrew Luck go to college?
A: Stanford

2. Andrew Luck or Derek Anderson, who has the biggest feet?
A: Derek Anderson

3. Spell the last name of the Bills punter, Corey Bo-hor-kez
A. Bojorquez

4. Turns out “Shout” is just another corporate gimmick worked into our beloved Bills. The ad agency that tweaked the original lyrics included the phrase “making it happen now” to reflect the slogan of what now-defunct Buffalo-Based Bank?
A: Marine Midland

5. In honor of Frank Reich, what year was the Comeback?
A: 1993

6. Two US Presidents got their early careers started in Buffalo. Both have their statues located outside of city hall in downtown Buffalo. One point for each of the presidents named.
A. Grover Cleveland and Millard Fillmore

Winner: No need for a tiebreaker as Brian won easily!