Final answers for 9/23/18:

1. Where did Kirk Cousins play college football?
A: Michigan State

2. Kirk Cousins became an internet sensation by yelling at his coach “You like that!” after a great game in Washington. True or false, upon reaching Minnesota, he filed a trademark for the phrase ‘You Vike that?”
A: True

3. True or False: Prince penned “Purple Rain” based on his upbringing in Minnesota and his longtime love of the Vikings?
A: False, but he did write a song called Purple and Gold

4. Multiple Choice: How many of the opposing starting QBs that the Bills play, played at a private university? A. 0, B. 2, C. 4
A: B, 2 (A. Luck and S. Darnold)

5. The Bills and Jaguars have met one other time in the postseason, on Dec. 28, 1996 at Rich Stadium in an AFC Wild Card game. The Bills lost, 30-27. What was the other added significance of that game?
A: Jim Kelly’s last game

6. In the Bills most recent trip to Minnesota, Arthur Moates made history by ending a historic streak by knocking what QB out of the game?
A. Brett Favre

Tiebreaker: Andre Reed is the all time leading receiver with how many receptions?
A: 941

This week’s winner: Brad.