Final answers for 9/16/18:

1. Where did Phillip Rivers play college football?
A: NC State

2. Not all is hopeless this season. True or False: The Buffalo Bills are currently a championship dynasty by winning the Responsibility Bowl 3 times? Hint, the Responsibility Bowl is an online contest between NFL fan bases that make pledges not to drink and drive.
A: True

3. How many sacks did Richie Incognito have over his career? Note, it’s a nice round number.
A: 0, he was an offensive lineman

4. The highest paid defensive player in the NFL played at the University of Buffalo (UB). Name this player.
A: Kahlil Mack

5. Scott Norwood played at what local college? Hint, they’re the most successful program in a 200 mile radius.

6. Carlton Chester Gilchrest is better known to Bills fans by what nick name?
A: Cookie

Tiebreaker: The bills leading scorer is Steve Christie. How many points does he have in his career?
A: (1,011)

This week’s winner: Roger and TA.